Insightful Individual Psychotherapy

I honor the whole person and life history that has contributed to your current circumstances. Some of these issues include:

  • anxiety and depression

  • substance abuse and recovery

  • harm reduction strategies for addictions

  • ADHD in adolescents and adults

  • resolving past trauma

  • coming out, gay, lesbian issues

  • sexual identity and body image

  • gender identity and transitioning

  • inter-racial relationships

  • immigration and assimilation

  • spiritual explorations

  • grief work, death and dying

  • aging and career transitions

  • life threatening medical issues


Effective Couple Psychotherapy

For so many of us, choosing to love another person is the most joyful, exciting and challenging journey we will ever take. Working with couples to resolve relationship problems and return intimacy to the relationship is very rewarding for me. Even the most connected couples have difficulties from time to time which love alone cannot resolve.  Do you and your partner find yourselves:

  • yearning for a more intimate, authentic connection?

  • feeling a lack of sexual intimacy and desire?

  • unable to listen to your lover without interrupting?

  • having the same arguments over and over?

  • are you withdrawing in despair?

  • do you feel unsafe bringing up certain topics?

  • holding back the truth from your partner?

  • experiencing frustration and sexual problems?

  • have you considered pre-marital counseling?


I use powerful and effective techniques to assist you to:

  • return 'choice' back into the relationship

  • establish new ways to communicate in those difficult moments

  • cultivate a deep friendship with a sense of purpose, while respecting each other's autonomy

  • encourage you to look at your relationship problems realistically and objectively

  • learn how to leave behind patterns of behavior that no longer serve you or your relationship

  • help both of you realize how each contributes to conflicts and that neither is chiefly to blame

  • offer options to manage day-to-day tensions while the therapeutic process continues

Length and Cost of Therapy

Some issues can be resolved in a few months. More deeply embedded problems and patterns can require a year or more.


A weekly 50-minute individual session is $175 and $220 for a 50-minute couples session. These fees are pro-rated for sessions of longer duration. A limited number of slots are available for those clients who qualify for reduced hourly rates. In most cases, your insurance company will cover some or all of your costs.  Simply call your insurance carrier and ask if they will allow you to see a psychotherapist of your choice (out-of-network provider).  Billing statements are available upon request for insurance reimbursement. 

Checks or cash are preferred as payment.  A surcharge  of 3% will be added for credit card transactions.

I charge for missed appointments except in cases of illness or emergency.  I ask for 48 hours notice in the event of a cancelled session.  If cancellations are made in under 48 hours, I may consider that a missed session.

Note: Be aware that most insurance carriers require a severe mental diagnosis for reimbursement.  Contact your insurance carrier for details on how this information may be used in the future.

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