Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Providing psychotherapy, clinical consultations and trainings

to interns and mental health professionals throughout

the San Francisco Bay Area.

Choosing Psychotherapy


Have you ever felt rage, anger, anxiety, panic or depression and not been able to understand where it came from? Are you having emotions that seem completely out of proportion? Is it possible your emotions could be based on an underlying story from the past? Is what you believe about yourself serving you now?


Psychotherapy can be a powerful place to gain knowledge and release limiting beliefs and misapprehensions, and to strengthen and purify our memory. The therapeutic relationship differs from other relationships in that 100% of the focus is on you and your situation. This can free you up to speak and explore in ways that may not be otherwise available. Working together we can find other options and choices to move forward in manageable steps. By recognizing the differences between the present and the past, we can actively choose to respond deliberately, rather than to react. We can create new beliefs and new possibilities, ones that support your life.


Serving individuals, couples and adolescents in San Francisco. 

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